Debra Simon, EMP, CPC, HTCP

Debra Simon, EMP, CPC, HTCP

“In my 20’s, I sought out healers in an attempt to save my life. In my 30’s, I realized I was becoming a healer and helping others. Clients and friends began to notice something radiating from my hands that helped people. In my 40’s and 50’s, I remain a healer because there is too much-unrequired suffering in the world. Now I focus on the Energy Medicine sessions almost exclusively. This is where my passion is today. I am thrilled to watch people shed discomforts, physical and emotional. Good news flows abundantly! God never left us. He still heals!”

All beliefs are welcome. You do not have to believe in order to receive. Just come and observe the truth as it unfolds for you.”
“There, in the previously unobserved cells and space is a treasure trove of stories and events. I dip into the language of the field and we communicate in silence to connect, unlock, and release an energetic and vibrant you. Truths are available. Understandings surface. Life moves forward, finally.I utilize Energy Medicine techniques to help you connect physically and unblock energetically. Underlying truth supports. Energy Medicine may be an essential healing modality helpful in your current plan for wellness and vibrant life.”
~Debra Simon, EMP, CPC, HTCP

Debra Simon was married to a medical doctor and working for a prestigious medical college. Her body began to display symptoms the medical community labeled “no known cause and no known cure.” After years of suffering, she sought out healers from around the country and implemented their gems of wisdom. Wellness returned. In the years that followed she taught clients in more than 12 states how to heal the body naturally with a focus on colon health.

Today, she receives clients at her office in downtown Littleton, Colorado where she focuses on the physical body and the field around the body.

Debra Simon has been a Wellness Coach for more than 16 years working successfully with clients with a broad array of health issues including chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel, constipation, diarrhea, macular degeneration, muscle aches, parasites, rectal itching, bleeding, lumps, yeast, rashes, gas, bloating, psoriasis and depression. This work expanded in 2003 through and Debra Simon, Inc. Clients are found throughout the United States with concentrations in more than 12 states. Many clients are second generation.

Wellness Coaching and Energy Medicine/Healing Touch sessions are a favorite among clients who are on the path to wellness and vibrant health. See for scheduling appointments and learning more.

Debra Simon calls on her years of experience to support clients with the best techniques for each person’s unique symptoms. Energy Medicine/Healing Touch have become the main vehicle for getting to the root causes of emotional and physical discomfort in clients. The goal is to bring your body back to a state of exuberant and energetic well-being through the use of a carefully selected combination of tried and proven Energy Medicine/Healing Touch methods.

It has been my and my clients’ experience that in my work, my mind/body/spirit becomes a vessel for healing. It is vital that my body be healthy and alive; and that I serve as a good role model for my clients. You will find that I incorporate everything I teach you into my own life. I will only suggest those activities and healing modalities that I have researched extensively, used in my own and/or my clients’ health regimens, and know to be safe and effective.

Wellness requires responsibility (response-ability). A significant part of Wellness Coaching is empowering my clients to grow in their capacity to respond to the needs of their bodies and souls by taking self-caring actions between sessions. My clients gain knowledge and tools to empower their personal growth. The results are often beyond what the client imagined was possible, but not guaranteed because every client situation is unique.

Feeling called to add to the scope of her practice, Debra Simon completed the Healing Touch Program curriculum which is the first Energy Medicine profession to achieve accreditation through the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). The NCCA’s mission is to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of the public through the accreditation of a variety of certification programs that assess professional competency. The Healing Touch Program joins approximately 300 NCCA accredited programs that certify individuals in a wide range of professions and occupations, through organizations including the National Commission of Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCA).

I have been a Wellness Consultant and licensed in Massage Therapy in the state of Oklahoma since 1997. I am a Wellness Consultant and Certified Professional Coach in the state of Colorado. I am a Certified Professional Coach. I have completed the Healing Touch curriculum which is Accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), Washington, D.C. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree from Loyola University in New Orleans, 1984. I am available to teach “Introduction to Healing Touch” and am listed as a trained presenter with My experience includes: Admissions Counselor for Doctorates in Psychology with a specialization in Sports and Performance Psychology for more than two years.